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It's bundled in with the main wiring harness.

As Jeremy mentioned above, it could be something to do with the ELR or a connection down by your IP. It is not easy to access the IP on the because of the inlet manifold.

It might be best for you to check the condition of our wiring harness as a first step or get it checked out by someone. The next step gets a whole lot more involved.

The idle control wiring runs from your IP to the main connector which is located by your battery (or by the brake booster for us here in OZ). It then travels to the ELR. It is a brown/blue wire. The ELR reads other things such as coolant temperature in head and rpm sensor.

Depending on your level of tinkering skill, you would have to actually remove both ends of this wire (the end going into the connector from the IP and the end coming from the ELR) and basically bypass the main connector so as you can measure the current passing through. It's a closed loop-you should have approx 600 milliamperes running through at idle with no additional loads running. As you load the engine with A/C, turn steering to full lock etc. the current will decrease.If you accelerate up a bit you will see the current decrease to approx 200 milliamperes also.

There is no documentation for this that I know of. Well I'm sure there is but not available to us.
1995 E300 Diesel
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