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Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post
FYI to replace the rear shocks...the backseat must come out....that is labor intensive and its possible many shops may not do if they destroy the sun baked upholstery.... The client will say it was their fault....because of the labor charge on both shocks and motor mounts, confirm you are using blistein shocks and non uro mounts..
I guess, unfortunately, I purchased Uro mounts, which I see are offered here by Pelican. I was under the impression that parts purchased thru this forum sponsor were at least somewhat reliable. I got them from another supplier, A*******AZ, and can't return them as I purchased them greater than 30 days ago. They look and feel really substantial, but who knows how long they'll last. I put less than 5k a yr on the 240D.
The shocks are Bilsteins. Who makes a good mount, other than Mercedes Original Parts? $127 ea. is a tad steep!
My rear seat upholstery is nice and soft, since it's not a desert car. I think I'd trade dry seats for rust free though any day!
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