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I am not

Originally Posted by shertex View Post
For purposes of this thread, we will define high mileage as anything over 200k miles. Between head gasket, some misc. stuff, rust repair (all four jack points), and painting roof and trunk, I have dropped about $3500 into my 92 300D in a six week period of time.

What's your story?

Someone will say, "Hey, Shertex, do you realize that, for $3500, you could have purchased a good condition WHOLE CAR?" Yes, I realize that. Sentimental attachment makes people do strange things.....
I am not going to total the parts cost...
Too many people question my sanity concerning Mercedes Benz as is...

My generic answer to others: Look at what my family drives, and try to buy a "comparable modern" (less than 10 year old) vehicle in todays market. Then we can discuss cost / value / durability / styling / etc.

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Yes, I spend money fixing / restoring these cars, but they keep going, and going, and going............
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