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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
ALL of the above pics.

true, the hazet is a VERY high quality wrench, but it's only got two flats to grip the bolt being torqued. much better is a wrench that's got 4 flats to grip the bolt with 5 corners to grab all but the open part, MAC has a set that's fully open (without the outer corners) but still has 4 flats to grip the bolt.
Because it is made for a specific job. I don't think a Flare Nut type Crows Foot would fit for the Valve Adjusting Job it was made to do.

Concerning the 2 types of Crow Foot Wrenches I have both types due to the fact that Flare Nut ones are bulker and there is not always room to use them. In fact I think I have 2 complete sets of each of them. I can't resist a good deal on Tools when I find them.
Nothing line one of the little Wrenches getting lost and no longer having a set not to mention the disruption of what ever You happen to be working on.
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