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That is a good VIN#

Originally Posted by amp View Post
I've been researching a very complicated 300TD wagon for over a week to figure out if I should buy it. I have basically decided not to, but I just have to know if I made the right decision or not.

So, here are the issues:

It has a salvage/rebuilt Ohio title that says its a 1979, however everyone seems to agree that its more likely an 81-85.

The vin number on the door pillar has no letters, just numbers, it starts with 123 and is 14 digits long and the writing on the plate is all in German and it matches the vin number on the title. There's no vin plate in the window anywhere or on the radiator support. But then there is a vin stamped into the firewall, starts WDB123, it has both letters and numbers, therefore does not match the vin on the door pillar. When I search the firewall vin I get that it has an invalid check digit.

I would have to register the car in Georgia, and with the salvage/rebuilt title that means I'd need an inspection. I assume that they are going to check the vin numbers. I'm also planning on moving to another state in about 6 months, possible NY, PA or CO, but also possibly somewhere else all-together.

Also the seller says that the odometer slips sometimes, so the reading is inaccurate.

Other than that, the car is in good condition, the asking price is fair. I'm reluctant to step away because there's so much discussion about grey market cars from europe having unsearchable vins, but I can't find anything about vins that don't match and being able to register the car. My mechanic said that the car could get seized from us if the vins don't match. Am I right to worry about being able to continue registering this car from state to state or is this excusable because of the rebuilt title?

Thanks for making it to the end of this complicated question!
This is a W123.086 chassis vehicle


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