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Originally Posted by shertex View Post
For purposes of this thread, we will define high mileage as anything over 200k miles. Between head gasket, some misc. stuff, rust repair (all four jack points), and painting roof and trunk, I have dropped about $3500 into my 92 300D in a six week period of time.

What's your story?

Someone will say, "Hey, Shertex, do you realize that, for $3500, you could have purchased a good condition WHOLE CAR?" Yes, I realize that. Sentimental attachment makes people do strange things.....
Unless you're planning on keeping and driving the car for at least another year - then actually keep it and drive it another year (many do not).......I have no problem doing what you did. I recall doing nearly the dollar numbers +/- you cite several times over the years. There's nothing more valuable to a cheapskate than a good cheap car (like a used MB diesel) when it has been determined that you choose to keep it on-the-road.

Let the high-rollers lease new MBs in order to 'look rich,' parting with untold thousands every few months to impress ppl that they think care about them. I'd much rather buy and maintain a used MB diesel - bar none. In fact, that's what I am back to doing after buying a new MB diesel years ago.

So, yes, I think you're doing the right thing to spend the big bucks on repairing/maintaining a good used MB diesel - one that you've determined you see fit to renew mechanically.

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