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Klaus (my 1987 300tdt) is getting ready to go under the wrench.....

The Virginia safety inspection expires tomorrow, so I cleared out a space under the canopy behind my house for Klaus to sit. We had to move my big saws into the basement, and moved the riding mower out into a partially covered section of the yard (it's now under a tarp).

Matthew and JJ both helped me lay out a big tarp, then placed the ramps into position. I maneuvered Klaus into position and, after 6 or so tries, managed to get him up onto the ramps without hurting anyone or anything.

Once he was up on his perch, we opened the hood to the maintenance position and talked about everything that needs to be removed. I've been visualizing all the steps for months. This weekend is when all the fun begins. For those who haven't been following the story, I need to replace the head gasket, and maybe the head too (won't know until it's off the car). I've gathered together some other parts that will go on while the head is off (radiator, hoses, belt tensioner + piston, fan, shroud, misc gaskets and maybe also a water pump).

After I rattled off the list, my wife came down to look at our good work. She was pleased that the car will be hidden in the back yard, under a canopy, and not in the front yard for all to see. JJ began telling Mama about all that had to come off - he was mostly right about every part (maybe he is destined to work on old Mercedes too.....)?

Stay tuned !
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