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As far as whether or not you should continue to use 100 Watt bulbs, you have already answered this question. It is very obvious that you should not use them. I have posted a warning in many headlight threads here that this will damage your headlight assemblies.

As to the fact that doubling the wattage also doubles the heat, that is true if you stay with the same bulb type. These "cool blues" and such are emitting a different spectrum of energy. I fully expect that this spectrum contains a higer percentage of its energy in the IR (heat) area of the spectrum, meaning that you are MORE than doubling the heat generated.

These cool blues are meant to LOOK better not for you to SEE better.

Most of the effectiveness of your headlights has to do with the shape of the reflector and lens rather than the bulb wattage. If you change to EURO lights with standard wattage bulbs you will have MUCH MORE effective lighting than whatever wattage bulb you can put in your US lights.

If you want to continue having light at night without ruining your headlight assemblies and rewiring things stick with standard power bulbs.

Happy New Year,
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