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I am replacing the sunroof cable on my 87 300E. I have already purchased the cable and some white lithium (recommended by the dealership) to lubricate it.

If anyone has done this before can you please briefly walk me thru it? I already know the cable has to be muscled in from front to rear of car using the lubricant, and I can gain access to the cable in the sunroof and the motor at the trunk.

My questions are
1) How does the old cable disconnect from the motor?
2) How does the new cable attach to the motor?
3) How do I go about adjusting the motor tension and stop points (post installation)?
4) Are there any additional points or procedures I need to be aware of?

I am not nearly as clueless as these questions make me seem to be. I can do most DIY jobs and can usually figure stuff out by looking at it. I am mainly asking to save time and avoid screwing anything subtle up.

Thanx guys

1987 300E
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