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Tell use exactly what Year and Model you have and if the Engine has been changed or replaced tell us the Engine.

this is kind of a generic instruction; disconnect what ever linkages attach to the actual Throttle lever on the Fuel Injection Pump. If the Engine still reeves up like that it is not an issue with the Linkages.
I would try moving the Throttle Lever on the IP by hand to see what happens.

If this is a Fuel Injection Pump with a Pneumatic Governor I would suspect something wrong with that.

If this is a Car that has sat somewhere for a long time it is entirely possible for the Fuel Rack to stick inside of the Fuel Injection Pump.

Make sure this Fuel Injection Pump has Oil in it as it is not lubricated by Oil from the Engine.

If this Fuel Injection Pump is has a Pneumatic Governor and the Oil Fill Cap/Vent is plugged it will mess with the Function of the Governor as it needs to be vented. Try running it without out the Oil Fill Cap.
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