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Originally Posted by Tubularfab View Post
Ok, I just ran by the shop on the way to work and did a "definitely cold" resistance check on the glow plugs. All were under .2 ohms. Last time I checked them (2 weeks ago) they had been cycled fairly recently, hence the difference in the numbers..

Can I ask what in the video makes you say the lines are bad? All have new viton O-rings, and there was no fuel leaking outward. Yes, there might be a tiny vacuum leak that took the 3 months sitting idle to let some air in, but this thing was trouble free before taking the hit. Everything is wet now - I've had all the lines on and off multiple times trying to diagnose.

Now, how about the question I IM'd you about: How much pressure is the outlet banjo supposed to hold on the 606 pump? By it's design I don't see it holding any pressure; unless it's via the size of the hole restricting the flow. The spring is tiny and is easy to unseat blowing through it.

Thank you everyone!
They are bad...

Below 0.7 = junk.

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