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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
I live in Nevada. Arizona may be different. I used to work at a junkyard, and selling any car to a dismantler results in the car being issued a salvage title. In Nevada, a car can't be registered for road use with a salvage title, however a salvage title can be converted to a rebuilt title with completion of a safety inspection by a licensed garage ($25 if you know where to go) and an application for rebuilt title. This is how I picked up my '71 250, which was driven to the junkyard, sold to it, and then bought by me and driven home. "Rebuilding" consisted of me fixing a minor electrical problem with the lights.

I also traded my clean title for my '83 for $2200 in insurance money after it was rearended. The car was repaired and repainted at a cost of 4 grand and some change, and I'm still driving it. After two months, I haven't gotten anything from Nevada DMV. I might start a new thread on that.
I'd heard of salvage titles, but not a 'dismantle' title. Was wondering if it meant the same thing, or would it only allow the vehicle to be parted out and scrapped. The car in question was a '59 Hillman Minx Deluxe, with some damage to the left rear corner but no rust. Looked like it could have been straigtened fairly easily - at least enough to pass inspection and make it a driver.
But the 'dismantle' title scared me.

Here in quaint, historic, colonial Virginia, it's titles for life! Woe betide the poor sucker that has a title with anything irregular.

When I finally registered my Euro TD, I mentioned nothing about the seller fixing his title, or anything else. Still wonder what on the computer-screen held the DMV clerk's attention for so long!

Happy Motoring, Mark
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