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Originally Posted by Tubularfab View Post
I wondered if someone would bring that up. Running a diesel a couple of minutes at basically no power output generates very little heat. There is a massive difference between running a completely cold engine at no power/load for a couple of minutes and blowing a radiator hose off an engine already heat soaked at operating temp maintaining highway speed. No, running without coolant is not advisable - but it's not instant death either.
If You have a Lawn Mower start it up and let it idle. Come back 2 minutes later and put you Hand on the Cylinder head. And, that Lawn Mower has the Fan/cooling system working.

I think if I ran the Engine for 2 minutes with no coolant I would not get away with it.
The Aluminum Head is more prone to warping even in normal circumstances then the Iron Heads are. And, more prone to have problems when abused.

Anyway best of luck.
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