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Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

On mine there were two bolts at each location, about 2" apart (I don't have a Metric brain). Have you seen those shirts with buttons in pairs? Sort of like that. You can break these loose by sliding your box end wrench up there and smacking the handle (in the lefty loosey direction) until it backs off. You'll need to rotate the engine until the next set of bolts shows up then repeat. IIRC, mine had 3 sets of bolts for a total of 6.

When all the bolts are out you can slide a thin pry bar (or a stout screwdriver) between the flexplate (the equivalent of a flywheel on an automatic) and the torque converter. The converter should slide back maybe 1/2" or a little less and then you should be able to spin the converter with your fingertips.

I'm not sure how M-Bs are balanced but it might be a good idea to mark the flexplate and the converter BEFORE you move it so you can put everything back in the same orientation. A simple paint mark will do nicely.

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