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Originally Posted by whunter View Post
While shuffling auto insurance coverage at the agents office.

My 240D failed to come up on their screen..

Sorting through all of my vehicle registrations, UREKA..

For some unknown reason, their system shows the 240D VIN# as a 500SL.

They assure me the insurance cost is for the 240D, not a 500SL.

I requested they fix it to show correctly.
After several calls by my agent to the insurance home office, it should only take 3 - 7 months before the correction shows..

Is it just me, or is the generic company level of service and competence dropping in the toilet.

Without more information on the reason(s) 'why it is this way,' I'd have to believe that I would be switching to another insurance carrier - likely one without the middle man, 'insurance agent office.'

*About 'USAA?' Their premiums are off-the-charts high according to many, many formerly loyal customers. You fellas might want to do a check six on what you're paying, and switch carriers. Loyalty to particular carriers/agents is not worth the higher rates, when you could be saving a bundle by switching.

ALL, insurance companies will creep upward with your premium rates - not just USAA or Geico to name two that will jack rates when you're not even aware of it happening because you're not shopping coverage.

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