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Originally Posted by layback40 View Post
I think I can speak with some knowledge on high mileage 617's.
it is hardly worth the effort to rebuild. Every moving part will be worn. Best replace the motor. You can pull the old motor down for fun if you wish.
What is the trans like? At that mileage it is probably beyond being rebuilt.
Diff is probably very loose.

I doubt the rest of the car would warrant anything more costly than a used engine - if that. A rebuilt engine would likely be way too much money to place into a car of this age with that many miles on it. The unibody as well as other areas on the car are likely toast to a degree that it's not worth it to spend any money on it. On at least a couple occasions here, I seem to remember owners that discovered cracks from age/usage/rust in mid-ships area as well as the suspension superstructure of the unibody on W123/126es. I'm certain they would develop more often than not with miles headed toward 1 million or more. That's not unusual at all happening over time.
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