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Originally Posted by MrOwl42 View Post
To answer some of your questions, it has been sitting on asphalt in New York weather (Close to the city). It was previously my great grandfathers in Connecticut, then given to my parents, so I have some family that would like to see this guy up and running, myself included. I have no way of knowing whether or not the odometer is working. I know the rust is gonna be rough, I've got an uncle and some other family that have experience with fixing up old cars, and have offered their assistance with body work and anything else I may need. A lot of the rubber is cracked and will likely need to be replaced. I have no plans at the moment for a "full" restoration. I just want it good enough to drive me around locally, safely. Here are some pictures as requested, really hoping you guys can help me out. Let's see what you think!
Unfortunately the rust will almost certainly recur. Were there no rust, I would proceed given your attachment value to the car. However, rust is what it is, and going from the provided pics, it's bad, going strictly with my personal experience with a 77 240D that was not quite that bad.
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