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Be careful about believing what Autozone tell you.

I was down in SC and was getting some codes on my E320. Thought it might be low battery voltage because that does cause issues with comouter controlled cars.

AZ said my battery was good, but I needed a new alternator. I didn't believe them, so went to another store and had them check it. This time the guy was knowledgeable. He said there was no problem with battery or alt. 2 years later he has been proven correct. Problem was something unrelated.

Usually the problem is the starter itself. Bad contacts on commutator. Take it to an aut-electric shop and have them check it. I had similar issue about 12 years ago on 300D. Shop rebuilt starter back then and it is still good.

Mind you I changed a bunch of stuff myself first all to no avail (ignition switch, neutral switch, grounds, etc)
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