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There should be more than something in the DIY section.
There is an extensive thread with the Spicer Wear Scar test in it.
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I use Power Service Diesel Kleen one in a while on the Mercedes mainly to keep the Injectors cleaner as it only drives short distances in City Traffic with an Occasional 10 mile trip on the Freeway.
I use it in the Volvo with every full Tank of Fuel because when I get on the accelerator pedal on the Volvo it gets black smoke. The Power Service decrease that.
I think it decreases the Smoke due to the additive increasing the Cetane. The higher Cetane starts the Fuel burning better when ignition starts.

It is not cold where I live so I cannot comment on the Fuel gelling issue except that I know they have Additives to prevent that and the Winter Fuel is already supposed to have that in it.
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