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Oh, also, I should clarify. The drain holes in the fender well are near the outlet of what I assume is the drain hose from the filler door and since I believe (correctly or not) that rainwater blows up through these holes when it's raining, I assume that fuel draining fore of these holes can do the same. Also, when I got in the car today I smelled gasoline (which is strange, it didn't strike me as particularly diesel-like) but as the windows had been up (expecting a thunderstorm) when they are usually down in warm weather, I just attributed it to the the oil dappled cardboard I keep in back to keep the car from marking up my clients' driveways until I get around to replacing the missing oil-drain plug gasket.) The trunk, however, reeked even more than usual of diesel and that's how I came to discover the little pool of diesel in the pass fender well.

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