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Responding to old post that came up in search.

I too sometimes get a groaning sound from passenger side. It is quite loud. I have wheels and splash covers off and car on jack stands (for other work), but thought I should see what might be causing groaning. Just looking at it, it would seem the noise might be transmitted through part 100.

Others say idler arm bushing.

Steering also seems a bit loose. I know how to adjust steering box, but maybe could also be slop in joints?

Any simple way to do a quick check of various joints?

Maybe I should have shop look at it once I have other repairs completed. Then get on with my life

Originally Posted by rosenfe View Post
i had a groaning sound in right passenger side when turning wheel to left and right.finally diagnosed it to be idler arm bushings.i loosened bolt through the arm and got no groaning.i was unable to get bushings out as i couldnt get car high enough to bang a full swing.local mbz indy did it in 30 minutes,now no more groaning.some jobs are just not worth spending hours im happy.
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