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Originally Posted by pimpernell View Post
There should be a cardboard layout of the fuse panel under the plastic cover. A lot of the fuses "missing" may be options your car may or may not have, hence there is no fuse in place.
Is this cardboard layout tutorial meant to be kept under the plastic cover in the engine compartment - or under the rear seat? I don't recall I've owned the car so long.

I found my black plastic cover to be in the un-hinged position last week - I don't know how the cover got that way since I left the car off for 10 days of service work at my indy in June, and now I think that keeping it in the glove box may be a better place for it. I just didn't notice the when of it that's all, so I am wondering if it un-hinged itself, since it doesn't seem to grip in place very tightly. It easily slides to the open position.

The car just doesn't hardly ever get seen by a shop, since it was driven so little for the past 10 years, I don't know when it slid open. Sure do not want to lose that tutorial.
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