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Thank you Charlie for your advice.

Yesterday I gave it a try and found that, while the home-made bleeder works perfectly, when the reservoir is pressurized the brake fluid leaks out of the two buttons on top of the reservoir where the fluid level sensors are (the rubber being cracked)..I inquired at the local auto part store and a new reservoir is about $80..was told that individual rubber caps might be available at the MB dealer for about $30 each I improvised a bit and came up with the following (to be inserted in the place of the rubber caps and then tightened via the clamps), which I hope will allow me to power bleed the system. Let's see, I'll give it a try this afternoon. I hope I won't have to replace the MC (I made the mistake of letting the brake pedal travel full length before building the power bleeder while attempting to bleed the system)..

240D Brakes: How do I bleed the Master Cylinder?-cap_sealing-1.jpg
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