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Originally Posted by Aquaticedge View Post
there should be a Datacard underneath the lid of the fuse panel Like the 124's have I assume. I've not seen this in my car. Then again I've not looked either. I know my fuse for the rear windows are blown but this has not been a priority fix
What I'm trying to clarify is where it was originally kept in the car. Under the rear seat, or under the bonnet in the engine compartment?

I can't remember where it was when I originally found the card 4+ years ago since I bought the car new. I think the card may get thrown away if kept in the glove box, (where I placed it 10 years ago) is why I'm concerned where it's kept going forward with the new owners.

I placed this all-important card in the car's glove box 10-years ago, and ran across it when I was checking the new owner out on the workings of the car last week. Since I now find myself in the advisory role of advising the new owner from time to time on the car's workings/maintenance, that's why the flurry of Qs from me, on a car I owned/drove for 14 years.

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