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Originally Posted by nikkondy View Post
I have no way of telling what my idle speed is as I dont have a tachometer. I have adjusted my idle speed on the injection pump by ear but that is as close as it gets. I would love to know what rpm the om616 is supposed to idle at.

When I am driving I usually crank the idle speed using the cable on the dash, at higher rpm's it runs fine but when I stop at a stop light I have to put it in neutral because it shakes so bad.

By injector timing do you mean the start of fuel delivery?
The OM616 idles between 700-800 rpm. First you set it with a warm engine (not hot, but warm) in neutral/park and without the A/C. Idle speed adjuster not engaged. Closer to 800 rpm is generally better. After that you engage a gear and put on the A/C and adjust a bit so that the engine runs smoothly.

A optical tachometer is not very expensive.

So the engine also shakes if you increase the idle speed with the idle adjuster screw?

It could be a problem with the transmission, as the shaking only occurs when the transmission is in gear. Did you adjust the linkage according to the FSM? The adjustment of the transmission rod is very important.
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