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Originally Posted by shertex View Post
As I mentioned in another thread, my neighbor recently approached me about possibly purchasing his 104 year old mother's 1990 190E 2.6. Well today I bought it! Below are a couple of pics.

The woman's late husband bought it for her new in 1990. So it's a one-owner car with just under 95,000 miles. All service religiously done at dealer, INCLUDING head gasket this past January. I've got a nice stack of receipts.

Even though the woman stopped driving when she was 90 (14 years ago!), she had a driver who drove her around. Any time it needed anything, off to the dealer it went.

Needs engine mounts and two windows don't work. Otherwise in great shape.

Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped, especially since purchase price was....drum roll, please....$1000.
OK, how much will you take for it........?
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