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Yes, but not real easy. Have you ever tuned an injection pump before?

My suggestion for a start would be to check fuel pressure at the IP and get that right. Check timing and give it a degree or two more then factory specs. Make sure throttle pedal does indeed move the throttle to it's stop. I would not at this point change the throttle stop. Many things to set inside the ip first.

Straight pipe, lots of noise little if any gain in power.

pc's can be reamed and will have a very nice effect. Look in the performance section of this website and you will find a lot about turning up the ip, and reaming pc's.

of course the ultimate is adding a turbo, but need to have basics done right first.

Last but not least is to put an egt gauge on if you do any performance mods. High egt's will ruin the engine if you do not moniter your temps.

Are you anywhere close to Virginia?
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