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Originally Posted by ltima View Post
As an update :

I have gotten the car to almost not shake at all. I followed the vacuum tubes and taped up anything (with electrical tape) that looked damaged or sketchy. This apparently helped a ton! I wrote down how much of the hoses looked bad and where they were so I'm going to see about maybe ordering a large spool of it or something cutting it to fit and replacing it all. Is this something that typically needs a lot of replacement?

I guess since its barely shaking now changing the engine mounts will happen as soon as they arrive. And no worry about that.

One thing that I think is interesting, is after taping up any leaky/cracked/sketchy looking hoses the ac no longer blows. Not sure what I did there, but I'll figure it out.

I also managed to changed the oil (with out melting my self!) I'm really glad you guys said to get more oil than I likely otherwise would have.

I also figured out that the power steering liquid is leaking and where from so I'll take a look at finding the hose for that as well tomorrow.

It is pretty exciting being able to make noticeable changes on the car, and It is honestly much more simple that I had thought. I still don't really know what I'm doing but I'm glad I've been able to do as much as I have.

@Maki I was actually pretty concerned about not having the hand strength to tighten things enough, so I feel somewhat better about that now.

@toomany MBZ, that is a fantastic link, thanks! I also like pictures, they really help me understand.

And again, Thanks for the advice it was actually all super helpful and gave me a lot more confidence and resources to go out and start messing around with the car. I'm super excited to see it run better as I work on it, its almost magical!
You're welcome.

Replace any of the connectors with new stuff, no need for tape.

Keep us posted.
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