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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Is that on the Sticker at the Pump?

If it is 53 Cetane I am curious why the Power Service Diesel Kleen has an effect of raising the Cetane.
There is a clear difference in the amount of smoke on the Volvo Diesel and when used in the Mercedes and the Engine is running but still cold it is not as noisy with the Power Service.
So the stuff must be having some effect.

"California diesel fuel has a minimum cetane of 53" from Wikiepedia.
I don't know what's going on with your VW powered Volvo, I'm not familiar with that engine. I've only owned redblocks and white blocks.

Federal and state law does not require a cetane rating be posted on diesel fuel pumps. That doesn't change the fact that CARB specifies minimum 53 cetane and maximum 520 micron lubricity rating, as your link points out. The latest test data I've seen from CARB said on average fuel sampled in the state was 55.8 cetane.

For better or worse, CARB strictly enforces the quality of all fuels sold in the state. Since CARB is free to make its own rule about fuels sold in the state, CA is essentially an island when it comes to refined fuels and it makes everything more expensive, especially gasoline.

Chevron Pays CARB Fine | Transport Topics Online | Trucking, Freight Transportation and Logistics News
Petroleum supplier Chevron U.S.A. paid a $422,500 fine to the California Air Resources Board for supplying gasoline and diesel fuel that CARB said violated California air quality regulations.

Chevron agreed to pay the penalties as part of three separate settlements it reached with the California regulatory board, according to a CARB release.

In all, 15.9 million gallons of fuel were found to be violation of state regulations. In two cases, Chevron disclosed the violations. In the third, CARB enforcement staff discovered the violation as a result of routine fuel sampling.

Specifically, Chevron paid $205,000 for supplying more than 385,000 gallons of gasoline between mid-June 2009 and Aug. 1, 2009 that did not contain adequate amounts of ethanol to meet state regulations, CARB said.

Chevron also paid $192,500 for supplying more than 15.5 million gallons of gasoline that contained olefin levels that exceeded required specifications. Higher levels of olefin contribute to higher levels of more smog, CARB said.

Chevron also paid $25,000 in penalties for supplying and selling more than 36,000 gallons of diesel fuel in 2009 that did not meet a required minimum cetane number. The cetane number indicates the combustion quality of a diesel fuel, and how likely it is to create excess hydrocarbon emissions, CARB said.
Since CARB diesel cetane is already very high, the only thing to worry about in this state is lubricity. BOSCH pointed this out in this presentation to CARB in 2003. Bosch was pushing to include a 460 micron lubricity standard to the upcoming ULSD CARB rules but they lost that battle.
Originally Posted by toomany MBZ View Post
Myself as well, but 4 oz per ten gallons.

The cetane rating around here is 40.
Feredal law requires that all ULSD sold in the US since 2006 is either minimum 47 or 48 cetane depending on which refinery it came from. 40 cetane fuel hasn't been sold in this country for almost a decade.
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