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Originally Posted by nikkondy View Post
.Thing is several months ago the car was running fine and idle fine. What happened in between then and now beats me. I have had the car up to 70MPH for a long period of time. But, since the new injector nozzles, which are supposed to have a 500 mile break in period, I have not had the car up to highway speed.
Thats probably where your problem came from, since you have actually been driving the car, like a car and not a go go have successful burnt all the carbon and gunk out of the engine....and now you see the after effects. My car was the same, it sat for 10 years before I got it...with the IP removed....after I got the entire fuel system rebuilt, it idled very very nice....after lots of freeway driving my idle become rough...idled it up enough to smooth it out and now I just drive it....the only cure is to have the whole engine overhauled....did you have the head rebuilt after you pulled it?

How about posting a video of the idle? This way we can see how high is your idea of high? It maybe normal to the rest of us.
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