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Originally Posted by BenCohen-300TD View Post
Well, I've searched and searched, and there are lots of posts about grinding noises, but nothing that describes my situation:

1979 300TD non-tubo, 139,000mi. New (rebuilt) transmission shifts great.

When accelerating, at higher rpms, I SOMETIMES get a grinding noise that sounds, to me, like a bad bearing. The sound is correlated with the engine RPM, so I also hear it at highways speeds, but not all the time. I haven't heard it in a while, but my GF reportedly heard it driving on the highway earlier this week.

If it's a bad bearing, where could it be? Since it's correlated with engine speed and not wheel speed, it's sounding scary to me.

Any thoughts? Thanks everyone,

You need to mention that this is an automatic transmission.

My best guess:
* Exhaust making random hard contact.
* Failed mounts
* Loose torque converter bolts

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