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you state, that your system held vacuum perfectly for 5 days, THEN you attached your gauges and charged the system with R12...

so, you had it in a deep vacuum for 5 days, without gauges connected?
if so, that is your problem. the R4 compressor has a orifice opening to the atmosphere to allow MINUTE refrigerant to leak out when not running, and under vacuum, it'll draw in atmosphere... moist atmosphere.
automotive refrigeration is supposed to be drawn into a vacuum for a minimum time, and immediately charged with refrigerant, or pressurized with nitrogen holding charge for leak checking. NEVER LEAVE MOBILE REFRIGERATION IN A VACUUM!!!!

please explain in detail how you evacuated and charged the system.

the problem with using cans of refrigerant is the connecting and disconnecting the cans lets in atmosphere...

atmosphere does not condense, or refrigerate at R12 pressures...
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