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Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
I don't know what's going on with your VW powered Volvo, I'm not familiar with that engine. I've only owned redblocks and white blocks.

Federal and state law does not require a cetane rating be posted on diesel fuel pumps. That doesn't change the fact that CARB specifies minimum 53 cetane and maximum 520 micron lubricity rating, as your link points out. The latest test data I've seen from CARB said on average fuel sampled in the state was 55.8 cetane.

For better or worse, CARB strictly enforces the quality of all fuels sold in the state. Since CARB is free to make its own rule about fuels sold in the state, CA is essentially an island when it comes to refined fuels and it makes everything more expensive, especially gasoline.

Chevron Pays CARB Fine | Transport Topics Online | Trucking, Freight Transportation and Logistics News

Since CARB diesel cetane is already very high, the only thing to worry about in this state is lubricity. BOSCH pointed this out in this presentation to CARB in 2003. Bosch was pushing to include a 460 micron lubricity standard to the upcoming ULSD CARB rules but they lost that battle.

Feredal law requires that all ULSD sold in the US since 2006 is either minimum 47 or 48 cetane depending on which refinery it came from. 40 cetane fuel hasn't been sold in this country for almost a decade.
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What happened is My Fuel Injection Pump Rear Seal was leaking.

Instead only replacing the Seal; and, that can be done without taking the Fuel Injection Pump apart; I decided to take the Fuel Injection Pump apart to replace 2 little Rubber Cushions that are in side.

I felt if the Seal was bad those Cushions should be hard.

Well I was wrong about that.

I for got to take some measurements of some of the internal Parts that had adjustments and now if I am just a little bit heavy on the Pedal I can get a good cloud of Black Smoke.

Also unfortunate is that all of the Fuel Injection Pump disassembly threads and pics I have been able to find on the Internet are for the VW Rabbit.
The VW Rabbit IP is almost the same with a major exception that there is a part on Mine that has an adjustment and on the VW Pump it is just a long sort of Guide Pin with no adjustment.

So there is the adjustment of that Guide Pin that I did not measure
The direction of a piece inside of the Fuel Injection Pump that can go on 2 ways but is only supposed to go on one way the I did not note.
And, the position of a lever on the side of the Fuel Injection Pump that has to do with excessive Fuel for starting that I did not mark.

Other wise it runs good.

I have only seen one Volvo Diesel at the Junk Yard since 1992 and there was only 2 other one running around in the Long Beach area and one of them was the one I saw at the Junk Yard.

So I had been driving the Car since 1992. The Fuel Injection Pump issue happened about 4 years ago.
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