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If there is room you can run longer Hoses. However, you will need to put the somewhere where rubbing won't wear through them.

Not sure about leaving the Old one in place. Perhaps they could be cut off.

Also none of the above decreases the Chance of stripping the Threads on the Oil Cooler Nipple. Hopefully that won't happen.

I have a W123 and I did not make that special Wrench like M Source sells. I used a big Crows Foot Wrench I bought on eBay. I bought or already had a Big Combination Wrench that size but did not have the Heart to cut it up to make the special Tool.

If the SD is like the W123 you need a 24mm with a thinned Head on the Oil Filter end to use as a backup on the Fittings in the Oil Filter Housing.
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