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Well - I got the top pin out with bolts and washers (and a 9/16 socket used as a spacer) - NOW I can't get the bottom pin to budge, not an inch (of 100th of an inch). I've thoroughly cleaned the threads (it was so caked with grease and muck that I couldn't see the pin hole initally). I've tried several different configurations, had to remove the main vacuum line forom the vacuum pump to make room) - but I'm bending the threads on my retractor bolts left and right (from tortional stress) - I don't want to break a bolt off in this dang pin - I was lucky on the first one that I was able to file down the edges of the broken threaded portion and extract it with a tiny little hobby wrench. Should I call a mobile mechanic before I break something off in there? I'm sure I'm in the right spot - accroding to the picture in the FSM - the threads are the same size (M6).
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