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accessing heater hose clamps -380SL

With the engine out of the car it seems like a very good time to freshen up other items on the car. I want to change the two heater hoses that route coolant through the heater core. The three plastic fastners on the front of the cowl air duct grill simply allow the front to come loose.

It would appear that the window trim at the bottom of the windshield has to come off to release additional fastners. Can anyone verify this and tell me what type of retention devices hold the trim in place and the easiest way to get them off.

With the front of the grill loose I can raise it enough to see that the screen simply lays in place under the grill. Under this screen there is a "door". I assume this door controls the induction of outside air. How is that door controled?? If it is controled by vacuum I am at a distinct disadvantage with the engine on a stand. I need to get to those hose clamps to change out these two hoses. Thanks for any enlightenment.

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