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another one

so i barely got my first 300d, and i have already bought another... i know, i am nuts.

when i got the first car, i had grand ambitions of it being my commuter car, that said, i got a wild hair up my rear and decided to put a 4 speed in it. needless to say, it has been sitting on jacks while i wait for the rest of the parts - thanks to a not so pleasant ebay exp, i am still waiting.

in comes the second - i got a new job and the company will pay for commuter train, problem is that once you get to the train station, there isn't a bus that goes my i found another 300d, 1985 on CL that needed a new radiator, paint...engine is pretty solid, surprisingly little blow back (less than the other one) and no major leaking issues... suspension knocks a little hear and there, but drives in a straight line. not bad for 1300 though.

so i told myself, the only thing i can do to this one is..fix radiator and fix the seat with the noodles... other than that, it will remain a beater, not ending up on jackstands in my garage for a 4 speed or anything like that...
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