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Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post
I am glad to see it too! In all reality there isn't many early non turbo w123s floating it is good that you are going to sink the money into an early model.... I would advise, you start keeping an eye on eBay for an aluminum bodied servo for the climate control....they run 500$ but if you start looking now, you may find a used one cheap...
The early W123 models definitely get the short end of the stick most of the time. A 300D without a turbo carries a stigma that 240D cars don't. Granted, I put a turbo motor in mine, but that was mostly due to the later motors being more plentiful.

You can skimp on a lot of things with these cars and still net decent results, but the climate control is one place I would never recommend cheaping out. Those servos are the devil incarnate. I spent more money and time on used servos over the years for my '77 than I would have if I had just bucked up the cash for the Unwired Tools digital upgrade to begin with. Now that I have one, I am convinced that there is zero reason to ever consider spending a penny on an original servo setup, aluminum bodied, or not. Those servos are just complete rubbish.

Humour: Granted, my climate control won't work after an EMP zaps it during WW3, but at that point, I think I will have bigger things to worry about... Like the giant mutant cockroaches that want to car-jack me.
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