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W126 Instrument Cluster Bulbs - The 2 Large Ones

The two large bulbs at the top of the W126 instrument cluster are of the "T-3 1/4" group that includes bulbs of several different wattage ratings. From what I've found so far, the bulb types are: #161 at 2.7 watts, #158 at 3.4 watts, #194 at 4.6 watts, and a #168 at 4.9 watts.

Our parts site lists only the small grain-of-rice size bulb used at the lower part of the cluster. Parts stores only list the small bulb in their databases.

Does anyone have factory specs on what wattage T-3 bulb should be used to put light on the speedometer and the tachometer? Also what wattage is called for to light up the high-beam indicator. Too high a wattage will likely damage the plastic shrouds around the two areas at the top of the cluster. We do, of course, want adequate lighting for the cluster instruments.

Thanks for any information and for the time spent posting it.
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