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today i tried the leak test kit. the liquid is supposed to turn different colors when coolant becomes contaminated with either gas or diesel. what they had for rent at the nearby shop only worked for gas. the instructions refer to detecting CO2 but there must be something else in there too.

i seated the tool in the filler neck of the expansion tank and pumped the bulb a good number of times. the only problem was, after giving it a few pumps, the little vacuum in the tank left the rubber bulb compressed; i'd have to break the seal at the filler neck and let in more fresh air.

anyway, during this test, with the engine running, i did not detect any contaminants. the test liquid remained blue.

i did find a few drops of black oil in my tailpipe, though, so i am back to suspecting the turbocharger. i guess opening it up to check out the wastegate is first, then rebuilding, or having rebuilt, the whole device.
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