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new member of the troop -- 84 300SD

Hi All,

Just picked up this beauty last week for 500$. It's potentially going to be a resto project.
Bought it cheap because it needed a sway bar, everyone I talked to said it would be a nightmare. Well I rolled it in the shop and we got her knocked out in about 6 to 7 hours with two people. Not bad.
Now that I got to drive it I have to figure out the rest of it, and essentially decide if I want it or if I want to send it down the road.

Issues so far: As always all advice and Ideas are welcome

1. Take off feels super slow like the turbo is not spooling, are these vacuum controlled? I may have vacuum issues because if I pump the brake pedal continuously the pedal will get hard, like the power assist is gone. Or the slow take off may be trans related, not sure yet.
2. Tach don't work, any common issues with that? Things to look for first?
3. Climate control doesn't work haven't looked into that at all yet.

That's really all the mechanical issues I found other than some loose steering and need of some new brake pads.
The only rust issues visible top or bottom we found are front fenders and lower rockers.

Over all I like the car just curious if others out there think the project is worth the time and money, considering I can do it all myself.

Everyone at my shop always tells me that I always watch all these car resto shows, (Fast N' Loud) my favorite right now, that we should do a car at the shop. Well this is the best I could find that peaked my interest and my wallet.

Engine runs GREAT and starts immediately. ODO works and reads 264K.

One last thing is that there is a water separator with fuel heater that looks like someone did at one point or was going to put in a WVO conversion. Anyone think its useful to me if I'm not doing veggie oil or should I just take it out.
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