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Anybody in Portland, OR familiar with "Michael" from CL?

I'm doing some mechanic research, trying to find one I can trust (I'll take trust over a dirt cheap invoice any day) and am wondering if anybody knows "Michael" from CraigsList. He often has parts for sale and mentions that he also does work on Mercedes "for less than other shops, plus I do it right the first time."

Here's an ad: 1960-1985 Mercedes 220SE, 250SE, 280SE, etc. Cpe & Sedan Parts&Service

This guy seems like the person I'm looking for considering my multiple trips to two different, highly touted shops, left me longing for work done properly (a valve adjustment at Shop #1 forgot to snap my throttle linkage back together properly and it came UNDONE while driving and Shop #2 couldn't install my glow plugs properly which resulted in super clanky, rough starts and a flashing glow plug light indicator. If these routine jobs are getting F'd up at "the best" shops in town, I'm going to keep looking for somebody else. It's no fun taking the car in because of doubting my own skill level only to have the "pros" botch it up).

Maybe he's on this forum? Michael, you there?
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