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Blower does not blow

A couple of years ago, I had a shop replace my blower. Then it stopped blowing through the center vents. Now it doesn't blow at all, unless it is really really cold, and here in Miami this doesn't happen.

Naturally, it allows hot air to come in through the defroster vents, which is not something anyone here in Miami always wants.

So I took the fool thing out, and when I put 12 v to it, it spins, so I put it back, and it still doesn't blow. I took advantage of the situation to lubricate the motor and the wiper motor.

I deduce that what is wrong is the blower regulator or resistorm a gizmo with a huge aluminum heat sink stuck to it which I suppose regulates the speed of the motor. I found one in the local MB junkyard for $90.

I haven't put this in yet, but could there be anything I am missing here?

Gee, I would greatly prefer a simple system like in my humble Hyundai. I am entirely capable of turning a switch on and off if I am too hot or too cold.

I suppose that after I get it to blow, I will have to invade the dash and check al the vacuum pods.
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