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"Achtung Spezial-Ol Sperrdifferential" is a tag that denotes this diff is a LSD and requires special gear oil.

Now looking inside of the diff.
Picture of a 2.47 open carrier from a 1986 w126. Notice the curved carrier. No clutch disks can fit in there.

Early 2.47 LSD carrier, picture of a 1987. Notice the "squared" carrier and the clutch disks at the spider gear.

Later 2.47 LSD carrier, pictures of a 1990. Notice carrier now covering the clutch disks. But does not have the shape of an "open" carrier. I think the additional material was added for strength.

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Differential assembly-lsd_diffential_tag.jpg   Differential assembly-2-47_open-diff.jpg   Differential assembly-2-47_lsd_diff-latemodel2.jpg   Differential assembly-2-47_lsd_diff-latemodel1.jpg  
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