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carl benz
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Listen up boys and girls-
For a start,mercedes-benz have been using metal sintered brake pads for many years as they are more invironmentaly friendly than asbestos.Just another technological inovation by the worlds leader.
Replacing these pads with aftermarket items is not needed as this problem is common,worldwide and easy to fix.-
Just remember that a squeek is merely a very high frequency rattle.
1. remove the pads in vice and using a hack saw,cut a grove ACROSS the width of the only need to cut about 1/2 way through.
3.take a rough file and chamfer the two leading edges of the pad,this removes the square edge which produces the squeel.
4.finaly just roughen the surface of the pad to produce a fresh surface.

In answer to the disc question,benz discs can be machined as long as the minimum thickness is not comprimised,this is stamped into the hub surface of the disc where the wheel bolt holes are.

happy repairs
carl benz
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