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Originally Posted by lietuviai View Post
You're absolutely correct!
Is there a difference in number of teeth, in flywheel plate thickness on either of those like the clutch contact surface? Also how thick is the adapter plate on the engine for manual trans compared to auto?

I know that's a lot of questions but I am working on something that depends very much on the 300d or 240d m/t flywheel

I am dropping an om617 into my land rover. I prefer to keep all MB stuff up to the trans due to balancing. If the 240D is the same diameter I may go with that one if the crank bolts are the same.

The main thing is I have to make an adapter plate to account for the depth match of input shaft and mating the bellhousing of R380 trans and nut f^&* up the harmonics as the om617 is balanced mainly the flywheel.

no thanks on a broken crank shaft
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