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Finally got my blower regulator in. AGAIN!

Ok guys.

For the SECOND TIME in 6 years, I put in another blower regulator. God, too much work changing that.

My blower fan speeds suddenly went from low or automatic to blowing on high all the time. The last regulator was a "quality" MB OEM replacement, got it from Rusty at the time, $250 part. I mean..... this does not look like some technological achievement that should be THAT expensive, especially if it doesn't last that long. We're talking 2 feet of wires, a piece of porcupine metal prongs, and a transistor.

Though I don't recommend buying anything from China if you can at all help it, this time, I bought what is probably a China made one (perish the thought!) for $43, delivered to my door, off ebay. It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts, maybe I'll get a full 30 days out of it before it fails, and have to do the job all over again, or maybe I'll get lucky and it'll last 6 years!

1991 300d, 180k
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