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I pulled up the schematics for the 124 and it looks like the headlamp wiper/washer system is on that fuse too.

To help find the problem let's try isolating the headlamp wiper/washer system first, since it has lots of potential for trouble.
Disconnect the negative battery terminal
Undo the screws holding the fuse tray in the box and carefully lift out the fuse tray
Look under the fuse tray at the load side terminal for fuse 3, there should be 3 wires
All 3 wires are gray/red but one is thicker than the others, that one feeds the headlamp wiper washer system.
I would disconnect that wire and reconnect the other two.
Put some tape on the disconnected wire so it doesn't get into trouble and then close the fuse box back up.
Reconnect the battery.

The other 2 wires from the load side of F3 are as follows
- one goes back to the headlight switch and then on to the lamp monitor. This is the control pin for the lamp monitor, that tells the lamp monitor you turned on the lights to initiate monitoring of the bulbs.
- The other is the right side marker light circuit, both front and rear. This includes the dim filament in the front corner light, the dim filament in the brake/tail light, and the small bulb pointing to the side in the rear. This line passes through the lamp monitor on to the light circuits.

I cannot tell if the license plate lights are also on the right circuit or the left circuit from the diagram.

If you are still having trouble then we are going to have to look at breaking out the light circuits after the lamp monitor to see where the problem lies.
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