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Originally Posted by eatont9999 View Post
I bought another 300SD this week. The ad asked for $750. I showed up with full payment in cash expecting to pay about $650 but prepared to spend $750 if I thought the car was worth it. After the test drive and feeling how solid the front end was, I was only concerned about the engine having a miss at idle. It seemed a lot like air intrusion in the fuel system or possibly dirty injectors. The guy had run it on straight VO in the past. I told the seller that I was going to offer him $650 but since the steering is so tight, my only concern is the engine when it idles. That said, I asked if he would take $700. He was happy and I was happy. That's how you buy a car.
"The engine has a miss at idle and I'm going to need to replace all the fuel injectors to cure it. That'll cost $200, so I can give you $550 cash right now for it".

That's how you buy a car.

(The solid condition of the front end is irrelevant).
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