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Wow this is lots of great info, thanks everyone!

are you sure you're not sucking oil into the engine via a bad vacuum pump diaphragm? 153k is low miles for those kinds of problems.
I agree! It may also be a bad lift pump, there has been issues with the pump going bad and oil getting sucked into the fuel...
Just put a new diaphragm in it. Haven't checked the lift pump. The blowby is awful, however. Could that be caused by the oil getting sucked into the fuel?

I started rethinking the swap plan. What about staying with the 722.118 mechanical-modulated tranny and only swapping the diff? I have another good one from a 1980 300D with only 160k miles (I don't trust the tranny that's in there) Then I wouldn't have to mess with the linkage coming out of the firewall.
Is the gearing way different on a 1980 722.118 versus a 1983 722.3x?
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